Live Cell Microscopy

Sometimes Mysteries are Solved.

Technology now proves the magic and power of viewing our dynamic cellular selves.

Reasons for exploring with LIVE CELL MICROSCOPY.  Diagnoses such as:

  • Digestion issues
  • Body Pain
  • Skin Conditions
  • Key Nutrients
  • Emotional
  • Bacteria / viral
  • Migraines
  • Diet & Immunity 
  • Toxicity

Find out more about hydration, anemia's, drainage, detoxification, oxidative stress, chemical toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, and much more. 

Conventional medical tests check the structure of the blood and can tell you a lot about the level of blood constituents and the status of certain diseases.

Live cell analysis is not a replacement for medical blood tests.  However, these traditional tests often don't reveal the causes of that feeling of 'un-wellness', fatigue and chronic debilitation for which no medical reason can be found.  Live cell analysis looks at your blood in a unique in-depth way, seeing what others don't.

Expand your understanding of your physical state of wellness by obtaining a visual comprehensive exploration of how one tiny sample can show the expression of your health.  

Many times you are unable to fully recover or become well even with all of your changes.  

Let Live Cell Microscopy show you why.

Darkfield Microscope.
Revealing such things as viral & heavy metal evidence.

Darkfield Microscope.

Revealing such things as viral & heavy metal evidence.


"...There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease conditions."

Florence Nightingale

Quantum Hematology: Blood Energetics


“When our soul hurts our pain is transmitted into the body as the quality of the life force that we feed into the cells.” – Gregg Braden, “The Spontaneous Healing of Belief”.

By viewing under the microscope the person’s living blood, her/his red blood cells, white blood cells (the defenders), the platelets and a variety of blood elements, we are informed on the consciousness of the blood.

Simply put: the blood shows the relation of the individual with his/her unconscious.  It shows the health or disease state of an individual according to what the unconscious is pushing to the surface.

What is seen in your terrain provides valuable information to make suitable heath choices.

To be complimented by a licensed healthcare provider who understands you.  

Talk about this analysis option with your wellness provider. 

(No referrals necessary). 

Explore the newly appointed extended health coverage options within your 

HEALTH SPENDING ACCOUNT (Canadian residents).

One tiny sample can show the expression of your health.

One tiny sample can show the expression of your health.


A printable information piece.

Living and Aging in Good Health.

Optimial Living Includes Joy!

Our emotional well being, our physical environment such as our food,

the company and practices we keep, our thoughts, and all of our choices, 

affect our cellular and genetic state of being.

Terrain analysis under Darkfield Microscopy will show you 

how to live Optimally and Joyously!


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