Rev. Dr. Jacqueline R Bowman, Phd MMsc

Jacqueline Bowman

Holistic Health Practitioner

 ft. Reiki & Live Cell Microscopy


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Live Cell Microscopy (LCM) analysis' are screenings for educational purposes only.  Biofield therapy (Reiki, TBM, Radonics) is of a spiritual nature and for educational purposes only. The educator, Rev. Dr. Jacqueline R Bowman, MMSc., PhD., Shihan conducting these sessions is not a medical doctor.  Rev Jacqueline R Bowman, (Shihan) is a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner, TBM (Total Body Modification) Practitioner, Intuitive, Transpersonal Counselor (PhD), Ordained Minister, and a Live Cell Microscopist.  

Energy medicine practices and Darkfield microscopy is not a substitute for medical care. 

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