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REIKI and its Role in Vibrant Health


A practice of bringing in life force energy.

Reiki is a powerful alternative wellness practice, and part of the BioField classification of modalities.

2017 began the explore and shout out to volunteers to please be a part of exploring with me, the effects of receiving Reiki, in a professional way that is acceptable to standard Complementary Alternative Medicine practice for research. 



Observing the actions of both live blood cell and oxydative stress (dry blood) sample under Darkfield and phase contrast magnification, while receiving Reiki.

Thank you to all Volunteers!

The gathering of volunteers and their support over the past 2 years, has given me the opportunity to now embrace 2020 with renewed focus and begin to assess and document the findings of #VibrantHealthResearch.

Volunteers are not needed at this time.


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