REIKI and its Role in Vibrant Health


A practice of bringing in life force energy.

Reiki is a powerful alternative wellness practice, and part of the BioField classification of modalities.

Please be a part of exploring the effects of receiving Reiki, in a professional way that is acceptable to standard Complementary Alternative Medicine practice for research. 

This is for data gathering and preparation for documentation. 

Volunteers are needed to view the effect on samples, 

and witnessed live, via dark field microscopy; while receiving Reiki. 

Currently @FLOW Health & Wellness, Kitchener On. 

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Observing the actions of a live cell sample under Darkfield magnification, 

while receiving Reiki.

  •  Completely confidential. Non  identifiable data gathered.
  •  Professional healthcare  practices applied.
  •  Everyone welcome. People with Reiki experience as practitioners and those who have no history are needed. Current health issues will not limit participation.
  • Sample required is as a blood glucose test is taken by many individuals on a daily basis. 
  •  No preparation necessary. 45  minute session
  •  No cost. No compensation

This is a first phase of exploration. 

Thank you for participating today!!

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