Sessions with Jacqueline blend pieces, both energetic and physical. 

The Biofield:  

Reiki, TBM (Total Body Modification), and intuitive channeling for your spiritual, emotional, and physical health.  

Live Cell Analysis: 

To unveil physical truths about your health and its challenges.  Your blood is affected by your emotional state as well as your diet, lifestyle, home and work environments.  



“...an experienced teacher with much knowledge to offer...honesty, integrity, compassion and love comes across in all that she teaches…”

TJ Heimstra
Business owner & student 

Wilmot Township On




It takes mere moments with Jacqueline to glimpse her (com)passion for your journey and your total wellness.  


“...committed and energetic with a playful spirit and joy for living that is infectious. Whether working with individuals or groups of people, her presence brings to life the very best of all possibilities…”

B Hancox
Victoria, British Columbia



“...(she) is deeply committed to supporting and being of service to others to build better families, schools and communities for all people…(she) offers her skills and expertise with her unique flair and passion for an area she has been dedicated to for many years…”

S Martin 

BA, MDiv.  Business owner & private teacher

 Waterloo On




Jacqueline offers assessment, change, and counseling under guidelines, codes of ethics, and oaths, as made mandatory by the following:    


International Metaphysical Ministry 

Metaphysical Ministry of Canada 

BMsc., MMsc., Ordination 


University of Sedona 

PhD. Specializing in Transpersonal Counseling      

Canadian Reiki Association    

RKMRI Medical Reiki, NY    

Reiki Master/Teacher Usui Gendai KomyoDo

Registrar General of Canada   

Universal Precautions for the prevention of blood born pathogens per OSHA Standards

Health House/Edison Institute, Markham On / Anderson College, TO On

Live Cell Microscopist / Capillary Puncture