Special News

The Time Is Now.


And so I begin the process of putting #VibrantHealthResearch findings in order, and pen to paper. (Ok well, my notes and scribbles are on the paper, the words will be on the laptop!)  All the excitement and support from everyone who has been a part of this to this point, shall fuel my enthusiasm. #Gratitude. (Click on above image to see more). Stay Tuned.

New Hours & Location!


Its time to explore & expand!.  Follow the link to explore the hours and days being dedicated to client care and explore my new location.

Stay tuned.


There is always more.

#VibrantHealthResearchProject Phase II


Exploring Reiki and its role in vibrant health as seen under Darkfield Microscopy.

Phase II is happening now!

Volunteers needed.  

Live Cell Analysis Mondays


FLOW Health & Wellness.  

Monday Darkfield Microscopy testing location.   Kitchener Ontario

April 13th 2019. The Transformational Wellness Show.


Transformational Wellness Show (TWS).  Come explore Live Cell Microscopy and #VibrantHealthResearch.  Looking for 2 volunteers.  Attendance perks.  

Visit downloads for flyer.

January 31st 2019


Its detox time.  Take advantage of this limited offer.  Ending January 31st 2019.

Visit downloads.